Your Guide to AI in Communications

Your Guide to AI in Communications

AI in marketing & communications is here to stay, and it will continue to evolve – with or without you. B2 Communications has unveiled a guide to AI in communications, after hosting a webinar on the topic in February 2024.

This guide to AI in communications will help business leaders, communications experts and PR pros explore AI. During the webinar, B2 Communications CEO Missy Hurley, APR and Account Director Shannon Burch shared key insights on the opportunity to responsibly use Artificial Intelligence (AI) in corporate marketing and communications programs.

CMOs, VPs of Marketing, PIOs and communications directors learned initial steps to guide their companies in navigating AI adoption while considering and mitigating the risks AI poses. Attendees explored key questions that will guide their company's AI policies, while considering how AI can build trust or harm their brand’s reputation.

B2 Communications provided actionable steps to responsibly use AI in marketing and communications and share practical steps to mitigate your risk and maximize AI’s potential.

Watch the webinar replay to learn:

  • Opportunities and risks for using AI to aid in communications and marketing
  • Key considerations for internal education and employee policies for responsible AI use
  • Roles that communications and marketing teams can play in implementing AI within organizations

Key Moments in Your Guide to AI in Communications

  • 02:23 Why marketing & PR pros should pay attention to AI
  • 07:13 AI: What can it do? Overview of AI models & 5 key ways that AI is currently being used in marketing & communications
  • 20:26 Opportunities for corporate communications and marketing professionals
  • 32:41 How do I let people know we're using AI responsibly in our communications?
  • 44:06 What are your team's favorite AI tools? How do I pick which tools are right for my team and organization?
  • 46:00 What advice do you have about testing new tools and technologies?

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Want to know more about using AI for corporate communications? Read our blog post, AI-Powered PR: Navigating the Changing Landscape of Communications, for an overview, or reach out to our team of communications experts.

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