High-Stakes Communications

When the pressure is on, lean on experts who have successfully navigated high-stakes situations across numerous stakeholders, formats and timelines.

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When Do You Need Crisis Communications Planning?

  • Your organization is being acquired, acquiring or merging with another business.
  • You’re announcing layoffs or closures of key facilities.
  • Your senior leadership is changing – unexpectedly, or through a planned transition.
  • Your organization has a business interruption.
  • You could be involved in a lawsuit that will draw media attention.
  • You’re facing criticism in the community or from former employees.
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Crisis Communications Planning

The best way to handle a crisis is to have plan in place before the stakes get high. Our experienced team prepares you to manage disruptions, controversies, and unexpected events so you can meet the moment and respond quickly to any situation.

Crisis Response

Every moment counts when you’re facing a crisis. We work closely with you to create and execute a strategy that clearly communicates information and provides the confidence that your organization is taking the proper actions moving forward.

Stakeholder Communications

During a crisis, you will face many questions from stakeholders, including employees, customers, donors, shareholders, elected officials, and vendors. We coordinate with you to build a communications plan that addresses the specific concerns of each audience.

Reputation Management

Your reputation is at risk during a crisis. We navigate high-stakes situations to mitigate negative perceptions by taking proactive steps that are consistent with your core values. If your reputation is negatively impacted, we build strategies to restore trust in your brand.

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