Missy Hurley Named Finalist for Tampa Bay Business & Wealth Award

Missy Hurley Named Finalist for Tampa Bay Business & Wealth Award

B2 Communications founder and CEO Missy Hurley, APR was selected as a finalist for Tampa Bay Business & Wealth’s 2024 Women Who Win Awards. She was named a finalist in the business services category. She was honored alongside 52 impressive women whose dedication to their industries and communities deserves recognition.

A panel of judges reviewed applicants’ business and professional success, community involvement and mentorship to other female professionals.

The judges selected 52 women from various sectors in 2024. These sectors included business services, construction and real estate, diversity, equity and inclusion, education, entrepreneurs, financial services, health and wellness, government, manufacturing, military/first responders, nonprofits, sports and entertainment, technology, transportation and aviation. The finalists and winners represent the diverse and vibrant professional landscape of the Tampa Bay region.

Two of the judging pillars – community involvement and mentorship – are central to Missy’s philosophies on personal and professional achievement.

Throughout her career, she’s been involved in a number of community groups and associations, from grassroots organizations to multinational organizations. Previously, she was a founding member of FemFessionals Tampa Bay and Gracepoint Ambassadors, volunteered at St. Pete Youth Farm and served on the Board of Directors for American Institute of Architects Tampa Bay chapter.

Currently, she’s most involved in the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) Counselors Academy section. This section helps agency owners and leaders build, lead and scale their businesses. Missy was co-chair of the section’s 2024 conference in Palm Springs, California. She’s serving as chair of the 2025 Counselors Academy conference in Charleston, South Carolina.

Throughout her career, Missy has mentored over 80 interns through B2’s internship program, offering mentorship sessions and career advice to each intern. Additionally, she mentors students of PRSA Tampa Bay chapter. Missy's mentorship and provision of experiences and opportunities have empowered many young professionals to advance in their careers and become mentors to other PR professionals.

If you asked Missy, she’d say that these accomplishments are not noteworthy, and simply part of the legacy of building up and empowering others that she wants to leave. She decided to apply for Tampa Bay Business & Wealth’s honor because she felt that she achieved a major milestone: becoming the sole owner of B2 Communications.

In her entry packet, she wrote, “After 12 years of running B2 Communications with my business partner Kyle Parks, it was time to take steps toward his retirement. Over the course of 18 months, we closely evaluated the business we created together, considering both my future and the future of the company. Ultimately, we decided that I would acquire his shares, transitioning to become the sole owner and CEO of B2… Entering this new era as CEO has been my biggest win so far.”

It was time to take the lead on the agency that she’d co-founded in 2010 and played a key role in its growth and successes. Over the years, Missy Hurley has built the agency’s approach to client service, defined its services and outlined its key markets. She’d created systems and processes to run the agency efficiently without losing the personal touches that set B2 apart from other PR agencies.

Congratulations, Missy!

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