Media training: what is it and why does it matter?

Media training: what is it and why does it matter?

Media training helps spokespeople to give a good interview - a vital component of a successful meeting with a journalist. A good interview demonstrates the expert’s command of the subject matter. And in a good interview, the expert clearly and concisely communicates context on the topic while providing quality information on trends, facts or examples to illustrate the points.

But what exactly is media training, and why does it matter?

Media training helps our clients learn how to best represent what they do and why they’re experts at it. It helps them make their organization relatable, strengthening their brand and effectively getting their message heard.

To be most effective, interviewees have to share their message clearly and concisely. In our media training sessions, clients learn to explain complicated information in an easy-to-understand way and to connect the information to the news outlet’s audience.

The media training prepares clients for a variety of media situations, including television, print, and radio interviews. We also educate our clients on what a reporter needs to create a compelling story, and how to match those needs with our messages.

B2 co-founder and principal Kyle Parks brings a unique perspective to this process through his work as a former journalist at the Tampa Bay Times and past director of corporate communications at Walter Industries, Inc., a Fortune 1000 company at the time. He’s had experience as a spokesperson, too – handling crisis situations and negative news coverage.

During the training, he slips into reporter mode and asks tough questions in a mock interview. Constructive criticism is provided, along with second (or third) chances at answering a question.

Media training matters because an interview doesn’t guarantee that a spokesperson will be quoted in the subsequent story. But a good interview increases the odds that the spokesperson will be quoted in the story, while also increasing the chance there will be more interview requests from that reporter in the future.

In our eyes, media training is key to successful media relations. We’ve trained spokespersons in a variety of formats, from one-on-one sessions to groups of more than a hundred, depending on the organization’s needs.

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