A change in producing the Tampa Bay 100

A change in producing the Tampa Bay 100

Our team at B2 Communications has loved building The Tampa Bay 100 into a must-read local news outlet with more than 24,000 subscribers. So it was a difficult decision to step down as publishers of The Tampa Bay 100.

B2’s last issue of The Tampa Bay 100 went out to readers in mid-September. Our friends at The 100 Companies will take it forward, and readers will continue to receive it in their inbox.

After reviewing our agency’s business plans, we determined that it makes more sense for us to focus on serving our clients and community.

That said, publishing The Tampa Bay 100 was a valuable exercise for the agency. It helped us make new contacts throughout the community, while broadening our knowledge of the Tampa Bay area through writing about everything from previewing local art exhibits to providing expert advice for companies thinking about getting an SBA loan.

And the work has helped our team refine its skills in writing short – after all, saying something meaningful in 100 words isn’t easy.

This experience will continue to be valuable in our client work, because the ability to write a compelling lead and a “why you should care” paragraph is important no matter the length of a news release, guest column, blog post or social media post.

As we continue to focus much of our business on creating quality content for our clients, we know that good writing only happens when you gather interesting, relevant information. Successfully launching and running The Tampa Bay 100 reinforced those skills for us, and we look forward to taking those lessons forward.