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Communications training gives your organization an edge over your competitors. Maximize your opportunities, from media interviews to speaking engagements. And have confidence that your company’s spokespeople and internal marketing and communications teams can clearly and succinctly deliver your messages in a powerful way.

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Media training

Media interviews are a great opportunity to tell your company’s story, but the key is telling it in a clear, concise, and compelling way. Reporters want to tell an accurate and interesting story, and learn how to make your company part of that story.

Media training helps members of your leadership team become effective spokespersons by turning complex information into soundbites, using techniques to share key messages, and illustrating facts with examples. Learn strategies for interviews on television and radio, and with print and digital outlets and practice putting them to use with mock interviews with on-the-spot coaching.

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Message coaching

Message coaching helps company leaders position your company as an industry leader while being interesting and relevant. An effective “elevator pitch” makes complex businesses understandable and relatable and establishes you as an expert. A more consistent brand voice elevates all communications, which helps your audience understand and connect with what you have to say.

Through message coaching, we help leaders feel confident in tailoring messaging to who they’re talking to, without getting off track. This coaching is useful when you talk with reporters, give a sales pitch, present at a conference or webinar, or meet people at a chamber event.

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Growing a PR/marketing department

Growing companies often wonder when it’s time to hire their first CMO or how to scale their PR and marketing teams. As experienced consultants, we provide third-party expertise on the jobs necessary for maximum impact, identify the skills and experience necessary for success, and interview top candidates for organizational fit.

Staying busy isn’t a problem for most PR/marketing teams. Effectively structuring a PR department can have long-term benefits and help the internal team members have a clear direction. Growing a PR/marketing team should be focused on prioritizing time and people for impact.

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Writing and editing

Attention spans are shorter than ever, so your company’s messages have to be concise and impactful. At the same time, what you say has to be interesting to be worthy of precious attention.

Our writing and editing coaching helps internal PR and marketing team members be more clear, concise, and compelling in their writing, which makes it more effective. We’ll provide guidance in setting an organizational tone and writing style, the writing equivalent of a brand guide for your marketing.

When is Training helpful?

Every company’s communications challenges are different, but these are some examples of situations when communications training is beneficial:

  • Hiring new leadership
  • Adding spokespersons or new initiatives, products and services
  • Growing your PR/marketing team
  • Acquiring a company or growing significantly
  • Introducing the company to a new geographic area or industry

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