Strategically building brands

Strategically building brands

Most often, public relations firms help organizations craft and share their story. However, B2 is sometimes tapped to help reposition or rebrand organizations – and occasionally help build it from scratch. We approach branding as the way an organization communicates who you are and what you do.

Working closely with creative partners, we create a marketing and communications infrastructure: defining brand attributes, core values, and points of differentiation and developing key messages. Each of these elements is a critical component of the brand, and will be communicated through all marketing and public relations channels.

A few examples of our rebranding work include:

Ed Taylor Construction, one of Tampa Bay’s largest general contractors, had an antiquated logo and website that hampered its ability to gain new business. Working with StudioMax Design, Gobble Logic and B2, Ed Taylor Construction updated the logo, launched a new website and started an email newsletter. The Tampa Bay Business Journal talked with Ed Taylor Construction leaders about the reasons for rebranding and how it has impacted the business in “Businesses see results after strategically rebranding.”

Premier Eye Care, a fast-growing Tampa-based managed eye care company, focuses major attention on its employee wellness and satisfaction. After the company worked with B2 and StudioMax Design to launch a new logo and website, Premier held an employee celebration that included a talk by senior leadership about the reasons for the change, and unveiled branded products for the employees.

Occasionally, rebranding means creating an offshoot of an existing organization. As the Ybor City Museum Society began to develop plans for the Tampa Baseball Museum at the Al Lopez House, it brought in B2 to help define what the future museum will be. With a logo developed by Creative Arts, we worked with Thomason Creative to develop materials to communicate the importance of the museum to potential supporters and to baseball enthusiasts who may have artifacts and memorabilia to donate. Think Tank is developing the website.