Public safety campaign wins national award

Public safety campaign wins national award

John Peterson, chief administrative officer for Sunstar Paramedics, (left) and Debbie Vass, director of quality initiatives for Paramedics Plus, with AAA President Mike Hall

The American Ambulance Association (AAA) awarded the 2015 AMBY Award in the public relations category to Sunstar Paramedics for its “Stay Alert, Stay Alive” public safety campaign.

B2 helped Sunstar Paramedics, which is the ambulance transportation provider for Pinellas County, create the “Stay Alert, Stay Alive” public safety campaign to raise local awareness about preventable accidents and injuries.

Arriving first on many accident scenes, Sunstar Paramedics sees what happens when people make risky decisions that cause an accident, like crossing at the middle of a street or texting while driving. They wanted to take a proactive approach to community safety, and enlisted our help.

Launched in late 2013, the campaign uses social media, media outreach and articles on to provide important information and tips for pedestrian and bicycle safety, child passenger safety, boat and water safety, and fire safety. B2 works with Sunstar to choose content that focuses on timely safety topics, such as buying safe toys during the holiday season  or bike safety during National Bike Safety Month in May.

We’ve had success in delivering safety tips through Sunstar’s website and social media platforms, as well as securing media coverage on safety issues. The campaign earned more than 11 million impressions in 2014 through its website, social media, media relations, and paid advertising.

The AMBY Awards recognize excellence in the emergency medical services (EMS) profession, and showcase creativity and innovation in the ambulance industry by fostering a culture of collaboration, cooperation and a passion for excellence in patient care. AMBY recipients are honored for their ingenuity and commitment to excellence, and we are proud to partner with Sunstar Paramedics.