Positioning clients as industry experts

Positioning clients as industry experts

Part of our work in public relations involves positioning our clients as experts in their respective fields. This can be done in a variety of ways, such as having a client quoted on industry trends in a news article, arranging speaking opportunities at industry conferences, or securing a company profile in a local media outlet.

One way that’s been particularly successful for us as we position clients as experts is through guest columns in industry trade publications.

Guest columns help draw attention to the interesting work our clients do on a regular basis, but it takes attention to detail and creative thinking to work with the client to produce topics and deliver compelling content. Some topics may seem ordinary to an expert who is involved in the industry every day, so we need to find the interesting details that make the idea stand out.

For example, guest columns in EMS World secured for Sunstar Paramedics, Pinellas County’s 9-1-1 service provider, have shared best practices for the emergency medical services (EMS) industry. The columns highlighted innovative programs that differentiate Sunstar Paramedics from other EMS providers, and outlined practical tips on how other organizations could implement similar programs. One column discussed how Sunstar Paramedics created and uses its fleet of specialty vehicles to prepare for potential mass casualty incidents, while another column explained how Sunstar Paramedics implemented an injury prevention program for its 500 employees.

Other guest columns can look at industry trends and provide expert insight. For example, a recent column in Nation’s Restaurant News by Mark Kuperman of Revenue Management Solutions, an international leader in restaurant menu price consulting, discussed how restaurants could prepare for minimum wage increases. As a result of this column, the publication’s editor has asked for a monthly column from RMS providing insights on recent news and industry challenges.