Hillsborough “Town Call” tonight

Hillsborough “Town Call” tonight

Bayview is proud to be helping Hillsborough County with its “Imagine 2035” campaign to update the community’s long-range comprehensive plans.

One of the highlights of the campaign is a “Town Call” meeting tonight (Tues, May 17) – where thousands of Hillsborough residents are expected to participate.

The town call is town hall-style, allowing a greater number of citizens to participate in government (from their couch), ask questions directly to elected and appointed officials (via a screener), and take push-button polls about the future of the community.

In addition to the large sample that will receive calls offering an opt-in to the panel discussion, residents (as well as media) can use a call-in number, 888-886-6602, ext. 16573, or follow the streaming webcast, www.tinyurl.com/TownCall. Beginning at 7:00pm, the call will last about an hour.

The Tampa Tribune featured a story about the Town Call, which was picked up on the sites of MSNBC and the Today Show. Further information is at Review.net.