Your Guide to Effective Thought Leadership Campaigns

Your Guide to Effective Thought Leadership Campaigns

Effective thought leadership strategies can build credibility, increase trust and create awareness. But many corporate communicators find it hard to effectively execute these PR strategies. 

As a PR agency, we frequently harness business leaders' expertise in thought leadership campaigns. In these campaigns, a leader or expert consistently shares their commentary, insights and forecasts on a certain set of topics. They share their subject matter expertise and perspective in a way that increases the company’s visibility and influence -- even market share.  

The public relations strategy must be appropriately crafted and thoughtfully executed to be effective. B2 Communications works with business-to-business companies to develop and execute these programs, and its PR pros are sharing the four-step process to build and execute this type of campaign.

B2 Communications recently held a free PR training course on using thought leaders to build credibility, increase trust and create awareness for experts and their companies. In this webinar replay, you'll learn how you can unlock company leaders' expertise for PR success. 

Watch the thought leadership webinar

In this replay, you'll learn how to:

  • Identify and assess subject matter experts (SMEs), 
  • Align thought leadership campaigns into your larger communications and marketing plans, 
  • Utilize SMEs to elevate awareness and support your business objectives 

Key moments

  • About B2 Communications: 01:16
  • What is thought leadership? 02:56
  • What are the outcomes? 05:59
  • Can it work for B2B companies? 08:08
  • What does a campaign consist of? 13:41
  • 4 step process for creating an effective campaign: 21:18
  • Timeline for seeing success: 39:01

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