Dream team concept makes news

Dream team concept makes news

On Friday, the Tampa Bay Business Journal wrote about Bayview and its role with Ybor City Development Corp. in “Mercury takes on marketing Ybor City (sub. req’d).”

In the article, Bill McQueen, president of Mercury Productions, says “with low overhead and access to a variety of skills, the team will work to stretch dollars. ‘The adage ‘do more with less’ is pretty much everyone’s marching orders,’ he said.”

Bayview has been working under the “dream team” model on projects for several clients. A dream team is a nimble team of independent practitioners or niche agencies with expertise in a particular area partnering to fulfill different aspects to reach client goals.

Each member of the team brings a specific set of skills or knowledge in an industry, or fills another specific need. With an affiliated team, organizations can select the team members most relevant to its business based on their criteria.

Our client benefits by having the best and brightest team members working toward goals and objectives, rather than having one full-service agency that is strong in one area, but is a less ideal fit in other areas.