Building dream teams

Building dream teams

In reading the December issue of Fast Company, I realized two things. One - I am embarrassingly behind on reading some of my favorite publications. Two - Bayview Pubic Relations is ahead of the curve with our partnerships.

In “The Future of Advertising,” Danielle Sacks brilliantly captures what’s going on with the traditional agency model. In it, Angelique Krembs, marketing director of PepsiCo's SoBe brand, explained why she opted to work with only shops that specialized in digital, PR, or promotional work, excluding all generalist firms. "…we were going beyond traditional…We realized it was unlikely we'd find everything we wanted in one place."

As a trusted resource for our clients, we recommend or partner with creative agencies, digital firms and solo designers that match our (and our client’s) expectations and core values to create a comprehensive campaign or fulfill specific needs like brand marks, websites and collateral.

Basically, we work with select partners to create dream teams for our clients. Each member of the team brings a specific set of skills or knowledge in an industry, or fills another specific need. For example, USAmeriBank tapped Schifino Lee to build its website and create collateral materials, while Bayview serves a public relations role. Working with Mercury Productions and Thomason Creative, we’re able to help the City of Tampa Water Department develop educational outreach campaigns.

In some cases, we’ll partner with other public relations agencies or independent practitioners for specialized or additional resources for our clients. The client benefits by having the best and brightest team members working to get results rather than having one agency that is strong in one area, but is a less ideal fit in other areas.

Some chalk the new model up to a generational shift in marketing decision-makers with a digital background rather than so-called “classic marketing educations.” Others realize the old way of doing business no longer makes sense, and are finding new ways to thrive.