Facebook page admins: Easily transition to Timeline

Facebook page admins: Easily transition to Timeline

Whether you’re ready or not, all Facebook pages will convert to the new Timeline format on March 30, 2012. Here’s a couple tips on what to expect and how to utilize the new features to their fullest potential:

New page features

Two columns: For page visitors, the column on the right will show their friends’ activity with the page, and will be different for each person viewing the page.

Milestones highlight important moments throughout a brand/company’s lifetime. Ideas of what to document as a milestone might include:

  • When the company was incorporated.
  • When a new product was launched.
  • When a new store/office opened.
  • Major philanthropic event.

Star a post to make it bigger and span across both columns.

Pin a post for it to appear at the top of the page for 7 days.

Changes to page photos (with specs)

Large photo spanning across the top is a great opportunity to make an immediate impact on the user: 851x315. This cannot include:

  • Purchase, price or discount information.
  • Call-to-action.

Custom applications now appear as small squares on the top of the profile, and can have custom photos: 111x74.

  • You have the option to choose which ones are immediately visible.

Page profile picture: 180x180.

New features for page administrators

  • Admin panel shows notifications to administrators.
  • Activity log shows all the posts by the page including hidden posts.
  • Fans can send private messages to the page, admins can respond.
  • Admin panel appears at the top of the page with notifications, new likes, insights and messages.
  • Activity log shows all posts, even deleted or hidden posts.

Other changes

“Fan Gates” are no longer supported.

Insights are now visible to all, including likes and people talking about this.

  • This is beneficial when doing research on other companies and competitors to see how their page is doing and what’s working for them.

More information: https://www.facebook.com/about/pages.