An Intern’s Education

An Intern’s Education

Experience is a funny thing.  To many, it’s just life.  To some, it’s “what they get when they don’t get what they want.” But, to college students, it’s a necessity—we know we must have it in order to be successful some day.

Enter Bayview Public Relations: an emerging Tampa Bay public relations firm.  A company composed of three principal practitioners with a variety of opportunities for a qualified student studying public relations.

From the expected press release-writing, pitch idea-brainstorming, research-conducting and customer-relating, to the more innovative video editing, event planning, social networking and blog writing (wink), my internship with Bayview Public Relations has allowed me to practice traditional public relations techniques and explore, firsthand, the changes the field is undergoing each and every day.

Assisting with the EnviroFocus Technologies groundbreaking allowed me to witness the importance of creating detailed events—with everything planned from the order of speakers to the color-coordinated linens and invitations—targeted toward highly specific audiences.

Communicating with buyer prospects for GuardianLion, has given me a better understanding of the importance of an open dialogue between company and consumer.

Creating focused media and community outreach lists for multiple clients has driven home the point that good old-fashioned research is still a must.

My experience at Bayview Public Relations has allowed me to witness that, contrary to some beliefs, public relations is not at all a dying field, and certainly not one of slick and shady spinsters.  Rather, it is a field that’s being reborn by creative professionals who are finding innovative ways to communicate with their clients’ target markets. Authors can’t publish text books fast enough to keep up with the new frontier this field is traversing.

Kristine Kodytek is an intern at Bayview Public Relations for the Spring 2010 semester.  She is graduating in May from The University of Tampa with a degree in advertising and public relations.