A How-to on Social Media for Real Estate

A How-to on Social Media for Real Estate

Bayview presented to the Florida Gulfcoast Commercial Association of Realtors (FGCAR) this week on Social Media for the Real Estate World. The presentation included how to implement Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, blogging and e-newsletters into everyday commercial real estate business practices.

Here are a few of the questions we were asked, with our answers, which might be helpful for any company’s social media strategy.

Why is it important NOT to delete comments on a company’s Facebook page?

People “like” brands and companies on Facebook for many reasons, and they appreciate the two-way communication it allows through comments. With that said, negative comments are bound to happen. Instead of deleting a negative comment, managers of social media pages should address the comment in a respectable way and request the conversation be moved offline to a phone call or email. Deleting the comment will only increase the person’s frustration. Be sure your company has excellent  customer service capabilities if you decide to dive into social media. A plus is that when a comment is addressed effectively online, it’s very powerful.

If all the social media channels are implemented for a business, is it still important to have an actual website?

Absolutely. The first thing a potential customer will do to research a company is search online - and not finding a website can be very frustrating.  Although they may easily find your Facebook or LinkedIn profile, having a website allows for more information and is more professional than only utilizing social media.

If I start a blog, how do I get people to actually read it?

Feed your blog directly to Twitter and Facebook and consider repurposing the content for an e-newsletter. Use your existing database for your e-newsletter, and include the option to unsubscribe.