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How do you shape public perception when an executive employee must be terminated?

A group of coworkers meeting and forming a strategy

A large company needed to terminate the employment of a senior executive whose conduct did not match the company’s values. The company’s leadership brought in B2 to help communicate key information about the situation to the company’s stakeholders.

B2’s Solution

B2 first met with senior members of the company’s team, including the founder, human resources representatives and operations leaders to learn more about the situation, a key to developing key messages.

Then B2 identified the stakeholders involved, including employees, business partners, customers and community partners, and tailored communications for each audience.

In creating a communications plan customized for each audience, B2 helped the company deliver the messages in a way that was both transparent and respectful of all parties involved. The entire process happened within the span of about a month.


No business was lost from the announcement of the senior executive’s termination. There was minimal negative reaction from employees, customers, vendors, and community partners, and the company continued its discussions with a possible acquisition partner. Employees indicated that they appreciated the approach and that transparency was a priority.

Services provided:

crisis communication, communications strategy & consulting

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