Kenneth Witkowich

Kenneth Witkowich, a Fall 2023 intern, is a graduate student at the University of Florida, studying mass communications. 

As a PR intern at B2 Communications, Kenneth assists the B2 team with preparing client reports, researching campaign elements, posting press releases, creating social media content, and drafting communication materials. 

Previously, Kenneth developed skills in journalism and public relations. He served as chair for a public relations campaign for the University of Florida's Innovation News Center, which houses UF’s news distribution channels, including WUFT-TV, WUFT-FM 89.1, ESPN 98.1/850, WRUF-AM, WRUF-TV 6, WUFTWRUF and other affiliated platforms. Kenneth led a team in raising awareness levels and engagement rates for the Innovation News Center with North Florida media outlets. The campaign showed the Center’s reach, effectiveness, and overall impact, which benefits both the center and its national media affiliates. 

In addition, Kenneth gained experience in media relations working as a freelance journalist. During this time, he covered multiple media markets in North and Central Florida, interviewing representatives of the Appleton Museum of Art, Florida Citrus Mutual, former agriculture commissioner Nikki Fried, and University of Florida officials, among others. Kenneth’s articles were published in the Osceola News-Gazette, Ocala Gazette and Alachua Chronicle.

Kenneth holds a degree in public relations from UF, with a concentration in European studies, which helps him connect with European organizations, businesses and communities.