How does a nonprofit stay connected?

How does a nonprofit stay connected?

The St. Petersburg Free Clinic, a nonprofit that provides food, shelter and health care, wanted to stay top-of-mind with community partners, volunteers, and supporters, and share the positive impact that the support can have on our community.

B2'S Solution

B2 re-launched the Free Clinic’s infrequent email newsletter and set a schedule to send it on a monthly basis. B2 worked closely with the Free Clinic to create an editorial calendar, set tone and style for the content, and establish production timelines.

Compelling content is key for an effective email newsletter. To keep readers interested, B2 mines for story ideas that show how the Free Clinic positively impacts the people that need help with food, shelter, or health care.

These newsletter articles link to longer blog posts on the Free Clinic’s website, which provides an opportunity for readers to immediately take action, such as signing up for a tour, registering for a volunteer orientation, or making a donation.


The new email newsletter launched in November 2018 and recipients thanked the Free Clinic for sending it. Some of the comments included, “What an amazing newsletter! It choked me up-with joy. I will be sharing it with friends and family,” and “I’m always happy to support the Free Clinic. Thanks for the reminder!”

The response has remained positive, with strong open rates (consistently 20-30%), and very low unsubscribe rates.