How do you showcase a company’s efforts in creating a top workplace?

How do you showcase a company’s efforts in creating a top workplace?

Like most companies, Spoor Bunch Franz wants to recruit top talent and retain excellent employees. The work at the St. Petersburg-based accounting firm can be challenging, particularly during tax season, so the company wanted to show external audiences how it makes its work rewarding and reduces stress in the workplace through teamwork and fun activities.

B2’S Solution

To effectively show how SBF has created a top workplace – a fact backed up by SBF routinely making the Tampa Bay Times and Tampa Bay Business Journal’s lists of best places to work - B2 needed interesting and compelling information and examples.

The work began with a deep dive into the firm and its culture, along with understanding the benefits that are most attractive to employees.

B2 worked with SBF to ramp up a communications program that uses the firm’s owned channels – its website and blog, and social media channels – to highlight the firm and its people. B2 interviews SBF employees and writes search-friendly and fact-filled blog posts that highlight the actions that set SBF apart from other accounting firms. And it drives traffic to the blog posts with succinct and interesting LinkedIn posts.


The key to success was compelling stories, whether it was about how an employee in a physical therapy rehabilitation center got daily visits from different colleagues who carpooled to the facility, or about the flexibility that SBF offers its employees – a challenge in a company like an accounting firm.

B2 continues to tell the story of the SBF workplace through the company’s website and social media, writing about fun activities like a Zoom happy-hour trivia contest with 40 participants, team-building events that help employees get to know each other, and thoughtful gestures like having treats given out to employees as they get through tax season.