How do you activate a brand’s LinkedIn page?

How do you activate a brand’s LinkedIn page?

Workflow automation provider OnTask has worked with B2 Communications since late 2021 to increase its market share against competitors like DocuSign.

B2 worked with its marketing partner Roger West to update OnTask’s brand messaging and identify new avenues to establish its brand. B2 identified LinkedIn as a channel that could directly reach OnTask’s target audiences, however, the channel hadn’t been producing value to OnTask for the past year.

To fully explore the opportunities, B2 conducted a LinkedIn audit that examined OnTask’s performance and compared it to its key competitors.

B2’s Solution

B2 used the information from the audit to create a channel-specific content strategy for OnTask’s LinkedIn page. The LinkedIn strategy included traits of the key brand personas, guidelines for posting frequency, content themes and link strategies, which all drive back to marketing performance metrics.

Using this strategy, B2 created a structure and process to fully optimize the social media channel. One part of the process is a monthly content brainstorm. B2 facilitates a brainstorming meeting with OnTask’s marketing team members to discuss content across all platforms to fully integrate planned marketing activities, incorporate brand-specific insights and avoid silos.

B2 also established key performance indicators (KPIs) for LinkedIn to track the channel’s performance, which includes analyzing metrics like audience engagement and website referrals. B2 regularly reports on LinkedIn’s performance and recommends adjustments to the strategy and refinements to the content plan based on the results.


Within three months, B2’s strategy for OnTask’s LinkedIn page was working. The content and strategy were successfully resonating with the LinkedIn audience. There was substantial growth on OnTask’s LinkedIn KPIs, including triple the total page engagement and doubling the traffic to the OnTask website from LinkedIn.

The strategic approach to planning LinkedIn content also provided a fresh approach around marketing promotions. It showed how promotions could be more fun and timelier, and tie to topics that would be of value for audience members, from workplace “holidays” to seasonal trends.

The sales team also began to use LinkedIn in their activities. Sales representatives now regularly share and leverage social posts and promotions with potential customers to help close deals.