How do you wake up a company and its employees to a new reality?

How do you wake up a company and its employees to a new reality?

A Fortune 100 food and beverage maker struggled with a topsy-turvy competitive landscape, fickle consumer tastes, and complacent employees unprepared for these dynamic forces.

B2'S Solution

Propelled by a visionary CEO, the company developed a powerful mission supported by core values that permeated every aspect of its business. Inside and out, employees embraced a purpose that inspired high performance while encouraging their unique contributions.

B2 partner Amy Walsh led several communications programs for this company, helping leaders articulate new directions and creating opportunities for employees to excel.

Internally, the company values were constantly reinforced through training, stories, events, posters, awards, policies, and practices. Externally, the company formed strategic partnerships, reinvigorated its media strategy, and redoubled its commitment to employee volunteerism.


The company jumpstarted its innovation pipeline and created a culture of empowerment that emphasizes lifelong learning, diversity of thought, and community engagement.