What do you do with 66 acres on Clearwater’s waterfront?

What do you do with 66 acres on Clearwater’s waterfront?

B2 worked closely with lead consultant HR&A Advisors on a planning project to create a master plan for the waterfront Clearwater Bluffs area of downtown Clearwater. The plan focused on a 66-acre site that includes Coachman Park, the downtown Clearwater Library and the Harborview Center.

Clearwater city officials sought to gain City Council approval and neighborhood support for the master plan.

B2'S Solution

B2 built support for the “Imagine Clearwater” master plan by working with key business groups, community groups and elected officials to organize well-attended public engagement sessions. Their suggestions were taken into account for the initial plan, which was then presented to the public for review.

B2 also organized kickoff meetings, secured media coverage, created educational content for the website and social media channels, formed a stakeholder coalition, and coordinated speaking engagements. B2 also assisted with outreach to smaller groups representing business and neighborhood interests.


B2’s assistance led to a greater understanding of the master plan among Clearwater residents and decision-makers and an awareness and appreciation of the collaborative nature of the process.

The clearest success metric was master plan approval by the Clearwater City Council; however, B2’s work was also judged on the tone of media coverage and engagement rates during the public information sessions. Media coverage was accurate and positive, and public information sessions had a high level of turnout with productive discussions.

By proactively working with key business and community groups, elected officials, and the news media, B2 built support for the master plan, resulting in the Clearwater City Council voting unanimously to accept the plan and move the process forward.