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Attract and retain the best talent.

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Your organization is only as strong as your people. We help smart organizations create focused engagement programs that demonstrate to employees how important they are to your mission, goals, and values. Then we amplify the good work you do, attracting top candidates to your workplace.

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Internal communications

The way you communicate within your organization should be far more than sending stiff one-way updates from management. It should underscore the company’s values and culture while being interesting and authentic. It should be personal, consistent, and concise.

Internal communications should be a rallying point for your team.  We’ll guide you through effective strategies like internal social media groups, intranets, videos with top leaders, and newsletters that foster a sense of pride in the workplace.

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External communications

We’ll show you how to effectively tell the community how your values, culture, and expertise make your organization a top workplace. To be successful, you need to show —  not just tell —  how your company is a great place to work.

Together, we’ll use your own channels, like your website, blog, social media channels, or external newsletter, to show how the company treats its employees and to highlight the people who work there. When it makes sense, we’ll leverage media relations to further amplify what makes you shine — not only attracting strong candidates but potentially new clients.

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Community involvement

What you do in the community matters to your employees and your clients. Put together a thoughtful community involvement program that helps employees know they’re making a difference, and offers opportunities to build camaraderie.

There’s never a shortage of ways to be involved in the community, but it’s important to be focused and intentional in order for community involvement to be impactful. We’ll help you develop a focused program with your goals and values in mind.

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Awards like “Best Places to Work” and “CFO of the Year” bring third-party credibility to the fact that your company is a great place to work. Recognition draws attention to your company, often through the host organization’s reach and coverage in news outlets.

Our team will help you identify the best opportunities and leverage data from employee surveys, which can be used to continue to improve the company’s culture.

When is Employee Engagement helpful?

Companies that have created a top workplace have an opportunity to more widely tell their story. A public relations firm can tell the story to help: 

  • Retain key employees
  • Attract & retain top talent
  • Cultivate company culture
  • Communicate values
  • Encourage open conversations and feedback

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