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Too many companies struggle with how to effectively reach their audiences. That’s why we take a strategic approach, maximizing your PR budget, and keeping your team focused on where they can make the greatest impact. The result: communications that reach the right people with genuinely helpful content.

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Communications audit

We take a close look at your communications and marketing, reviewing every piece, evaluating its impact, and determining how effective your overall efforts are in reaching your organization’s goals. We’ll consider everything from brand tone, style, and voice to the core messages and campaigns.

Our communications audit guides your team on focusing its time, setting realistic goals, and identifying which best practices make sense for the company. We’ll show you which tactics are most effective, and highlight where you should spend your time and money in marketing and communications.

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Communications planning

We deliver a communications plan that supports your business goals and outlines the marketing and communications tactics that will make the most impact. The plan considers your spending on advertising, sponsorships, or community support, along with where internal teams are spending their time.

Our plans are customized to each client’s needs, considering budget and fluctuations in the market and industry. We make sure our recommendations are feasible, specific, and actionable, so you can make the most of your resources.

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Media relations strategy & news media outreach

News media coverage supplies third-party credibility and shares information about you and your work with a wider audience. Effective media relations means finding your company’s news and strategically matching it with the right outlet.

That’s where our expertise comes in. We’ll match the right story with the right reporter, rather than sending the story idea to as many people as possible — only to have the emails being ignored.

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Thought leadership

Every company has experts, but smart organizations position their experts as industry thought leaders who guide others on trends. These thought leaders are often quoted in publications about key industry trends.

We spot key trends for expert commentary and work with your internal experts to translate technical information into interesting and accessible content. We’ll guide your experts in sharing their expertise through guest columns in industry publications, bookings on podcasts about industry topics, or speaking engagements at major conferences.

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Content Development

Powerful content meets the readers where they are, shows that you understand their challenges (or pain points), and clearly illustrates how your organization can help them. When people understand and connect with your content, they act on it.

We’ll work with you to develop content that enhances your credibility and helps you stay top-of-mind for key audiences. That means finding a great story, putting it in context, and writing it in a compelling, interesting way. That content may look like a ‘news you can use’ blog post, a script for a speech or video, or short but meaningful articles for your newsletter.

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Community Relations & Industry Involvement

Getting involved in the community isn’t just the right thing to do. It also builds camaraderie within your organization and creates a culture that supports employee retention and recruitment efforts. Employees want to work at a company that cares about its community. We’ll work with you to identify rewarding and meaningful opportunities to engage with your community.

We also guide our clients in getting involved in industry groups and associations. Get impactful exposure while providing growth opportunities. Employees who are involved in leading industry groups understand what’s happening in their industry, and bring that knowledge back to teammates.

When is Communications Strategy & Consulting helpful?

There are plenty of ways to communicate, but it’s important to find the most impactful and beneficial strategies. Companies facing these challenges can use Communications Strategy & Consulting to:

  • Make marketing and communication efforts more effective
  • Expand internal capacity for communications
  • Better explain your work in a complicated or technical industry
  • Reach a very specific audience
  • Increase awareness and expand brand recognition with new audiences
  • Stay top-of-mind with existing customers, past clients, and referral sources
  • Enhance the company’s reputation
  • Build credibility as a subject matter expert
  • Improve lead-to-sale ratio
  • Increase referrals

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