Bayview’s Kyle Parks offers tips on working with the media

Kyle is a contributing writer for the “Outside the Box” guest column in Brilliant Results magazine, a trade publication that provides executives of Fortune 1000 companies information on the latest news, resources, and tools relating to marketing and communications. His guest column in the July issue (pages 18-19) gave readers an insider’s perspective on how to work with the news media.

Bottom line: Even in today’s digital age, it’s still beneficial to work with traditional news media as long as you’re taking some key steps to help ensure that your message is reported accurately. In the article, Kyle puts forward his top three tips for working with the news media:

  • Keep your answers short and to the point.
  • Don’t answer a question unless you are certain of the response and are the right person to be providing the information.
  • Be extremely careful about going “off the record.”

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