Crisis expert on Subway

Having a communications plan before a crisis hits is critically important for companies, B2 principal Kyle Parks told NewsChannel 8 (WFLA-TV) reporter Melanie Michael in a story about the fallout from an investigation into longtime Subway pitchman Jared Fogle.

“It’s incredibly intense and emotional…the future of your company is at stake. I’m not overstating that,” he said. “I’m surprised that some companies do not have a crisis plan in place because once the crisis happens, it’s too late. I was also surprised that it took them 3 hours to suspend ties with Jared. That tells me, they were thinking about it and trying to figure out what to do.”

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Parks has deep experience in crisis communications; he grilled companies in crisis as a journalist for the Tampa Bay Times and answered tough questions as communications chief for a FORTUNE 1000 company during three major crises before co-founding B2.

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