Social Media

A key part of B2’s work with Sunstar Paramedics, the ambulance provider for Pinellas County, Florida, is getting residents to think about safety. B2 created the “Stay Alert, Stay Alive” campaign to share safety tips and engage the community.

As part of the campaign, B2 built a social media audience from scratch and created social media posts that gave Pinellas residents prevention tips to help decrease the number of emergency situations in the county. The campaign also reinforced Sunstar’s commitment to Pinellas, and positioned Sunstar as an expert resource.

B2’s challenge was grabbing a social media user’s attention and quickly providing a memorable and practical tip for preventing an emergency. B2 created engaging content that highlighted national safety observances, provided links to local news stories related to safety, and shared information from like-minded organizations.

Using Facebook Insights, B2 determined the best time of day to reach the widest audience, and focused on the types of content that was most popular. Videos, infographics, photos and links were used to draw attention to the safety messages.

Using Facebook boosted posts and ads, B2 maximized a limited budget by targeting ads to relevant audiences, often focusing on specific age ranges and lifestyle characteristics. For example, posts related to car seats were targeted to adults with children age 4 and under.

Recognizing that each social media channel is different, B2 used the “Stay Alert, Stay Alive” Twitter account to share short, simple and useful posts. Tweets have a mix of original content, retweets and conversations.

Two years after launching the campaign, the audience has grown to more than 2,600 Facebook likes. Also, the Twitter account has grown to more than 290 followers, and local traffic reporters follow and frequently retweet roadway construction information from the “Stay Alert” Twitter account.