Media Coaching

SPCA Tampa Bay has cared for Pinellas County’s homeless pets for more than 75 years. In addition to pet adoptions, the organization offers programs to help animals already in loving homes, like free pet behavior help, Sniff University training for dogs and cats, and a full-service Veterinary Center that provides high-quality veterinary care for any cat or dog owner in the community.

B2 has worked with SPCA Tampa Bay to increase awareness of the organization’s important work among potential adopters, pet owners who can use its services, potential sponsors, donors and partners in the community.

B2 helped identify essential messages about SPCA Tampa Bay’s mission to improve the community by promoting humane care, preventing animal cruelty and reducing pet overpopulation. B2’s strategy has focused on telling the stories of those animals and people who have benefited from the organization’s work, as well as those who have supported SPCA Tampa Bay’s mission.

For example, B2 pitched a story about the organization’s annual fundraiser PetWalk to ABC Action News. An SPCA Tampa Bay staff member and volunteer appeared on the program to talk about how the money raised through PetWalk helps animals in the community. B2 worked with the interviewees ahead of time to identify key messages about PetWalk, and provide helpful tips for TV interviews to help them communicate effectively about how and why people should get involved.

B2 has also helped SPCA Tampa Bay share its knowledge of animal welfare and pet health by securing media placements that show the organization as a community resource and industry expert. For example, Fox 13 produced a story on a proposed ordinance in St. Petersburg that would require pet stores to sell cats and dogs that come from rescue organizations, and interviewed SPCA Tampa Bay CEO Martha Boden about the positive impact the ordinance could have on homeless animals in the area.

B2 has also worked with SPCA Tampa Bay staff on guest columns to help educate the public on important pet-related topics, such as how to care for your pets in the event of a hurricane, or how to keep pets safe during the holidays. The guest columns reflect SPCA Tampa Bay’s commitment to seeing fewer pets surrendered by offering owners practical pet care tips and support.

In helping to craft succinct, powerful messages to share SPCA Tampa Bay’s mission and programs with the community, B2 has helped SPCA show why finding forever homes for the animals in their care is important, and how organizations like SPCA Tampa Bay contribute positively to the quality of life in Tampa Bay.