Content Development

Knowing that Ybor City wanted to attract more visitors during the traditionally slow summer months, B2 developed a contest for Ybor City Development Corp.’s Facebook page (Discover Ybor City) – their only social media channel. The “Summer of Fun” online sweepstakes was incredibly successful in driving visitors to the Tampa’s Landmark Historic District during the summer months and into the fall.

Before implementing the contest, B2 wanted to establish benchmarks for success, so we researched the number of visitors to Ybor City during the summer months. Without a specific entrance gate or admission fee, the number of visitors is hard to track, but not impossible.

B2 identified the three best metrics as the daily parking numbers for the City of Tampa-owned parking spaces in Ybor City, visits to the Ybor City Visitor Information Center, and unique website visitors. B2 then identified the best target audience: women within a 50-mile radius of Ybor City who were likely to be the primary decision-makers for family leisure activities.

B2’s strategy for success was using the unique assets of Ybor City: its merchants, attractions and special events. The contest gave away prize packs with gift cards and tickets, which the winner could use when visiting Ybor City.

To generate interest and entries, B2 had to create compelling content and strategically use Facebook ads and “boosted posts.” B2 used a content calendar to announce prizes and winners each week. Also, B2 used other Ybor City Development Corp. publications and resources like its website and email database to spread the word about the contest.

During the 13-week campaign, the 2015 “Summer of Fun” contest yielded 1,481 entries, and increased interest in visiting Ybor City. There was a 6 percent increase in daily parking visitors within Ybor City during the summer, along with a 35 percent increase in unique visits to Ybor City’s website,

B2 received an Award of Distinction in the 2016 FPRA Tampa Bay Image Awards for the “Summer of Fun” campaign.